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Language Lessons

[VR video] — After a short phone call, Ms. Valentina Nappi pencils you into her calendar. Ever since your trip to Puglia last summer, you've wanted to learn Italian. You've been featherweight-chatting with a girlie you met there, but the correspondence barrier has been limiting flow. Could an Italian teacher be this hot? Earlier now, you found a flyer for Italian lessons in your area. Perfetto! When you show up for your discourse, you initially think there must be a mistake. Then go rare and reverse the esteem by giving this cunning linguist some cunnilingus and fucking her all around the lodge. After teaching you some of the basics, the curriculum turns obscene and you realize that she wants more than just to talk about your dick, she wants to cast it. It's clean too good to be true.

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Valentina Nappi
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