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futuristic vision of restraint!

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Let us look to the future, when reprimand techniques will be developed to the point of psychological and emotional intricacy, blowing the minds of individuals receiving correction till their faces are nearly expressionless. In light of this, allow us to witness the stunning and nude newbie Valentina Nappi being held captive in a dark chamber. She is limited not only by the sturdy metal mesh of the cage walls, but also by metal tubes that limit her movement even when she stands straight in her confinement. What might that signify when she notices a black dildo moving between the bars? Let's look to the future, when reprimand techniques will be improved to the point where She finds out quickly enough, for she is then forced to kneel between the odd bars that hold her head, torso, and pussy in place. Valentina has to suck the black dildo that is hooked to a fucking machine. Then the Fucking Machine's dildo thrusts into her exposed snatch as she lies on her back, her head still restrained by the bar beneath her neck. Then, Ms. Nappi's posture is switched, and while she is kneeling between the bars, the dildo gives her a doggie-style kick to the ass. The This vision of futuristic erotic constraint is quite frightening!