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A Housewife Scorned, Scene #01

[HD video] — Rage simmering in her eyes, Aubrey rushes out of the house. Aubrey is disappointed and crossed when her husband tells her that he'll be running late because of a meeting. Welcome to big tits land! Approaching the house, Aubrey sees an wide toolbox and grabs a check from it. She chats with him, mentioning that she right got done with her clients for the day. A minute later, she receives a call from her sure-enough estate fellow that she's seen Aubrey's save with another woman. She feels the hook inside her pussy and gets turned on immediately. Mia unimpeachable made a huge mistake, because this housewife scorned will do whatever it takes to ruin her pure atrocious life... A XL-sized front is the best pillow ever. Shocked and jittery, Aubrey uses her laptop and finds her husband's mistress, Mia, who is a suspension-at-home mommy blogger. A HOUSEWIFE SCORNEDJilted Housewife Confronts Cheating Husband's Unsuspecting MistressSCENE OPENS on real estate symbol Aubrey (Brandi Love) on the phone with her husband, Winston. Property owners can be so exhausting, but she's looking forward to spending the evening with him. Valentina gets her pussy licked passionately. Aubrey goes through a whirlwind of posture as she learns the details of her husband's secession, finally deciding to go counteract Mia. Mistaking Aubrey for the plumber that she called previous, Mia invites Aubrey in. At that moment, Mia (Valentina Nappi) opens the door. She uproariously hangs up. TITLE PLATESome time later, Aubrey arrives at Mia's home. Have you ever wondered how you'd feel with your head in her boobs? All these boobs merit is a big penis between them.

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Valentina Nappi and Brandi Love
69, Big Boobs and Lesbians
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